• Am I eligible? We bring together alumni and faculty members from any school at Columbia University who have also served in the US Armed Forces.  For example, if you went to CC and then served in the Navy, you’re in.  If you served in the Army, and then studied at ANY school at Columbia, you’re in.  If you’re a faculty member or administrator who also is serving or has served in ANY of the US Armed Forces, you’re in.  Basically, if you served in the US Armed Forces, didn’t receive a dishonorable discharge, and graduated from or worked at Columbia University, you’re in.
  • I’ve heard of MilVets and other student groups on campus.  What’s the difference?  Primarily, we are alumni or faculty members who have served.  We’ve come together to find ways to help fellow alumni, current students and all veterans achieve academic and professional success.  Student groups on Columbia’s campus such as MilVets, MiBA and others primarily bring together student veterans, while they are students.  A list of the student groups and other useful information can be found on our resources page.
  • Are you owned by or a subsidiary of Columbia University in the City of New York?  No, we are a separate and private not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of New York and a registered 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization.  No leadership positions or board seats are held by employees of Columbia University.
  • How do I apply to a school at Columbia University? Columbia Admissions
  • I want to donate to Columbia University and/or the Yellow Ribbon Program at Columbia University, is this it? No, those are both great choices that we happen to like a lot.  Please follow this link to give to the specific school and designate the yellow ribbon program directly: https://giving.columbia.edu/giveonline/
  • How do I sign up to stay informed? Sign up

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Phone: (212) 744-3278

This is a volunteer effort and we do not currently have a full-time staff. Please be patient.