LA Mayor, Columbia Alumnus and Reserve Naval Officer announces “10,000 Strong”

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced today a new regional veterans hiring initiative called “10,000 Strong” aimed at getting 10,000 veterans jobs by 2017. The initiative brings together over 100 companies and 40 non-profit and public-sector partners to offer supportive services or jobs for veterans.

“The 10,000 Strong initiative aims to serve those men and women who have done so much to serve our country,” said Mayor Garcetti. “By bringing together a vast network of regional non-profits, public organizations, and private-sector employers, we can put 10,000 Angeleno veterans back to work, benefiting our families, our neighborhoods, and our economy.”

Through this initiative, the City’s Worksource Centers, as well as regional service providers such as the California State Employment Development Department, the Veterans Administration, the US Department of Labor’s Veterans Employment and Training Service, and the Los Angeles County Worksource Centers will connect veterans to companies looking to hire them. The over 100 employer partners (listed in attached document) have offered to hire veterans over the next three years. By connecting and coordinating these services, we expect 10,000 veterans to find gainful employment.

Additionally, the Mayors Office will convene monthly meetings of local public and private service providers to coordinate services for veterans across the region, including job training, housing, healthcare, and job placement.

As the War in Afghanistan winds down, thousands of veterans will return to Los Angeles and transition back into the civilian workforce. Securing and sustaining employment is key for the health of our returning heroes and our City’s economy.

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